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Zoom Co-Host
Zoom Producer Services

Want to have engaging, interactive meetings with less stress on your part?
Let's make it happen.

See my interview in Authority Magazine:

5 Things You Need To Know To Successfully Run a Live Virtual Event

What clients have to say:

"I gained confidence in my ability to figure things out, and felt a sense of security knowing that you'd have my back on conference calls."

"keep helping me practice - next stop - breakout rooms!!"
- Eleanor O'Brien, Dance Naked Productions

New offering!

Zoom Weddings!

Includes Ordained Officiant and Event Production.

It will be fun and meaningful (unless you want something else...)

Let's talk about possibilities.

"I’ll be passing your name along. I highly recommend private session. My brain was much happier than with 3 other people asking questions at the same time."

- Tom Leahy 

Leahy & Associates, Inc.

From a participant in a co-hosted event:

"I live alone and these sessions have lifted my spirit"

                        - KM

We have received emails from members with high praise for you:
" you are the best"...
"so positive, relaxed and respectful, and knows just how to facilitate the varying technological abilities of our members. She is truly a valuable asset..."we were more-than comfortably well-helmed".

Hello, people.

How excited would you be for a meeting where:

- The participants are active and engaged when you take center stage to deliver your information smoothly with beautiful visuals and integrated videos.

- You're not worried about content and tech at the same time as your participants magically move to breakout rooms or to spaces in aligned software or integrated Zoom apps.

- You've gone beyond translating what you did in-person to Zoom; you're doing way more interesting things that were never even possible before -- it's simple and easy for you, and your audience loves every minute.

I can be that co-host or producer, (AKA house manager, bouncer, usher, stage manager) or trainer for you.

How it works:
1. We get on a Zoom call together and explore what you want to do on Zoom and how to make it awesome/better than what you have done before (maybe even more interesting than what you had been doing in-person).
2. We schedule a time for me to produce or co-host your event and/or a time to do more in-depth training.
For training, we get on a Zoom call together, and by sharing screens and switching host capabilities you experience where to click the clicks so you gain the skills and confidence to make your Zoom life easier and better. You'll learn how to get Zoom to meet your needs.
For co-hosting and producing events, once I understand your event needs, I send you an event details sheet to fill out so everything is clear. We schedule pre-meetings/rehearsals as needed and then I show up with a smile and help you make the event amazing. 


Zoom Producer/Co-Host synchronous services $100 per hour.
Can include: managing meeting security, incorporating your content into a meeting with smooth technical cues and running the technical side of the meeting while you do your part - all the breakout rooms, video cues, slides, screen sharing and embedded apps etc. happen like magic; also prepping presenters to look amazing, training bonus room hosts in your meeting plan, and running technical rehearsals.
Asynchronous support and content creation $50 per hour.
Things like building technical scrips, making your meeting link, or custom visuals for your meeting.
Custom Zoom training for 1 to 3 people (so you can do all the things!) $100/hour
Not sure what services you need? Schedule a call (use the scheduling link below) to talk it out and get clarity, thoughts and tips for your meeting/event. Maybe you don't actually need me at all or maybe a different hourly rate is warranted by your meeting needs.
Custom arrangements and packages are available - custom pricing is subject to your needs. Contact me to discuss or fill out this form to get an estimate.
Let's figure it out:
No obligation "let's talk" call (on Zoom!) to discuss how you want to shine as a presenter and engage your participants - and how I can help make it happen with less stress and worry for you.

Send me (Iggy) your questions and concerns!
call/text: 470.444.9975
Let's just talk it out. Schedule a complimentary consultation to see if I'm a good fit for your event needs: 





You can present like a calm, confident star while I make you look like a Zoom meeting pro. I'm looking forward to working with you.

If you're looking for on-camera team development, connection and fun, and/or leadership training, I do that too! Check out my upcoming workshops and/or let's talk about creating a custom event

What's it like working with me? Here's what one client had to say:

Iggy is truly the best of both worlds - she’s a wiz at the tech side of virtual gatherings, and, she’s also an amazing people person as Iggy engages while she’s managing the technical side of connecting. Before working with Iggy I was nervous about using zoom as a facilitator and she proved to me that it’s not only easy to use, but that it can also serve as a fantastic tool to make and grow connections when people and teams can’t be in the room together. Her thorough before and after polls help the facilitator anticipate any need that the group might have while also leaving the door open for anything that might unfold in the moment. Now, I can’t imagine virtual meetings without Iggy even though I’ve learned so much from her expertise and her desire to bring people together in a virtual world.


Amy Angelilli

Chief Adventure Officer

The Adventure Project


Is there anything you can't do?

Actually yes, many things. But, if you're curious, here's the meat of what I do.

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