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Do right by your people.

Leaders and educators* need strong emotional intelligence skills to thrive in their work, sport and life.

When you work with humans, your emotional intelligence needs to be the star of the show so that your vision and expertise can land and be absorbed (and used) by your people.

(* if you're a leader, you're an educator; if you're an educator, you're a leader.)

Did you say conflict?
(Or do you avoid taking action and feel bad about it?)
Get a free download of:
Dealing with Bozos and Bullies - An Emotionally Intelligent Conflict Management Checklist
and elevate your skills.
The checklist will show you how to:
- Managing conflict more easily 
- F
eel prepared and focused when you deal with bozos and bullies causing conflict around you
- Stop worrying about harming relationships when you take action to manage a conflict
Hi, I'm Iggy.

Hi! I'm Iggy. It's nice to meet you. 

Emotionally intelligent leadership can be challenging.

No one enjoys being on a team that is underperforming, struggling to maintain a positive culture, mired in poor communication and lack of trust, or working with leaders who are unable to find their authentic leadership voice. Literally no one. When everyone turns to you to fix these complicated issues who do you turn to?

Are you done with tolerating crap behavior from your co-workers and teammates?

You can create more trust and use your energy for fun, awesome and productive things instead of getting drained by the stress of trying to ignore, or not so effectively deal with, "that person" or "that situation".

Stop wasting your energy sweeping things under the rug.

Let's get to know each other and talk about your situation.


Articles on emotional intelligence in action, making difficult leadership decisions, creating positive team culture, regaining motivation mid-project and more leadership and education related topics.

Each episode of the Books Applied Podcast delves into an excellent book to find high impact applications for your life. Listen on Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts and more platforms

Find curated emotional intelligence, leadership and experiential education articles, information and ideas from across the web at the WSL resource library boards on Pinterest.

(You will not find pictures of food or decor on these boards. Sorry, not sorry.)

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What I've learned working in the field of leadership development for the past 20 years.

Talking with people is super fun!

Clients include:
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I work with people and teams. Here's what some of them had to say about the experience:

The best part has been intentionally looking at my own challenges, sharing them and having accountability and support in overcoming them. - Scar Trek, DC Rollergirls

I think the part that awed me the most was the culture we created amongst ourselves. We were all very vulnerable and upfront about our goals and ambitions and with that openness came a natural progression of important dialogue and feedback. It was very cool to see how comfortable we were with one another by the end of the whole thing. - Big Bang Fury, Rose City Rollers

"Working with Iggy opened lines of communication that were not even real last year - and that's what we needed so bad."- Jenna Specht

"Working with Iggy has been amazing. She really helped us identify where overall we are a pretty strong team and where our weaknesses are and helped us become even stronger." - Amber Sommer

Iggy's work with us has helped align our actions with our goals and build a driven and positive team culture." - Sarah Gaither

"What I like about your style in general is that in my 15+ years working in corporate environments sometimes I feel like teambuilding or coaches that are brought in are are a little bit patronizing and I've felt like "I ain't got time for this s$#!". I didn't even realize you were doing what you were doing at our last meeting. I was like, "Who's that person? I like what she's doing." It was as simple as that." - Ryan Sage

I work with people like these folks, in these types of places.

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