Red Fireworks
Why so Mad?
Unlock the reasons behind roller derby league-mate rage
Live Zoom webinar Tuesday, October 19th
5:00-5:45 Pacific - free
Leaders in the world of roller derby tell me they've been the recipient of anger from across their league. It's not your fault!

In this roller derby focused webinar:
  • We'll discuss the causes of this rage to give you a fresh perspective and distance from what feels like a personal attack
  • I'll share tactics and ideas about how to respond as a wise leader so you can get everyone moving forward together
  • There will be time for Q and A to talk about the next steps for you in your specific situation.
In case you can't attend live (or want to review/relive the webinar over and over) the recording will be available to everyone who registers for 24 hours after the session.
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Join a crew of heart-centered leaders for energizing connection and problem solving skills practice. All are welcome!
2nd Tuesday of the month 12-1 pm PT
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