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You can be a wise leader on your own terms.

Take action to be a wise leader with:

Tools and tactics for working with "difficult personalities" and managing conflict with wisdom.

Strategies to build trust and improve even the most toxic teams. Make psychological safety real and your team can thrive.

Confidence to flex your emotionally intelligent leadership strengths - the ones you already have and build some new leadership muscles - to reach your goals by cultivating your own high-performing team.

All 1:1 services are custom designed to match your leadership needs and desired outcomes.

Are you looking for...


Make the tough leadership decisions that drive productivity while building relationships and retaining excellent teammates.

Image by Marcus Woodbridge


Move through situations and support people so your energy is focused and effective instead of lost to distrust and angst.

Better Team Outcomes

Faster, increased creativity, improved retention, authentic investment in team goals so you all achieve more.


Take a look at...

Custom Curriculum Leadership Skill Development

On-demand Support for Emergent  Challenges

Bike Parts

Transformative Leadership Coaching  

You can have it all - a personalized mix of all three. 
Let's craft a plan to get you exactly what you need in a way that works for you.

Hit the button below to schedule a time to talk about how I can support your leadership goals and needs.
I have limited availability for these custom, exclusive, 1:1 services. Schedule a conversation to get things rolling ASAP.

My email address is in the footer if have questions and prefer to write first.

Testimonials? Sure. Here you go.
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