You can make things better (or a little less terrible) on your own terms.

Take action and feel like you are not being a lame-o with:

Tools for working with "difficult personalities" and draining dynamics.

Strategies to build trust and improve even the suckiest of relationships. 

A better idea of how to flex your leadership strengths (the ones you already have - and build some new leadership muscles).

Sign up for a package of 4 - hour-long one-on-one sessions. 

For $900 we'll:

  • dig into what makes you awesome (even if you don't feel like an awesome leader)

  • figure out how you can be your best without becoming a stress-ball of frustration

  • create a functional plan to actually improve the situation you're in, even when there are bummer people and eye-rolly dynamics conspiring to make everything terrible around you 

Testimonials? Sure. Here you go.
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