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What is a mastermind? Iggy explains in less than 2 minutes.

A mastermind is:

- a small, powerful, collaborative group of knowledgeable folks who meet regularly for transformational personal/professional growth

- a place to get and give excellent, personalized ideas, support and accountability

- a way to rapidly accelerate your growth and development by connecting with people who are in your community (they know what it's like!)

- a tool to help you feel more confident and ready to deal with what is happening now and in the future

I'm looking for leaders who want something more personal than a book or workshop and more ideas/solutions/juice than a single (and much more expensive) leadership or executive coach can provide. 

Curious about masterminds and if one would suit you?

Join a 3-month educational leadership mastermind
(build your skills & resolve your challenges) 
$300 students / $600 professionals
A 6-month transformational leadership mastermind  (transform your leadership outcomes)

Schedule a mastermind clarity call. (Let's get to know each other and see if a leadership mastermind will make your dreams come true.)

Yes - there doesn't seem to be clear math for the 2 options - the outcomes, length of each meeting and duration of each mastermind is different.

Masterminds start quarterly in January, April, July and October. Get on the waitlist!

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In a mastermind you will:

  • rapidly learn and grow in a small, confidential community

  • give and receive ideas/tactics/strategies/insights that are specific to the challenges you are facing

  • build connections with like minds and be held accountable

  • achieve powerful results with amazing cheerleaders who have your back

  • "I think so far I've learned how valuable it is to devote time and mental energy to becoming a better leader, to face challenges head-on and be intentional about overcoming them." - Trek

Ideal for:

  • people who want meaningful/transformational results faster

  • getting dynamic connection and support while making progress

  • surrounding yourself with committed, energized folks

  • working on what matters to you in a way that is authentic to you

Got questions? Want to know more details? Curious if a mastermind is right for you?  I want to answer your questions!  Let's have an informative, low-key, no-pressure, lively and likely fun chat! I love getting to know people. If a mastermind isn't the best fit for you I may have other ideas that would suit you even better. 

Mastermind Details! 

Got a specific question? Email Iggy: Iggy@wslleadership.com.

3-Month Leadership Development Masterminds

Starting Quarterly (January, April, July, October): 

Leadership Development Mastermind -  For athletes and professionals who are looking for ideas, problem-solving and accountability as they sharpen their leadership skills Details!

Specialized community cohorts will develop as enrollment progresses - I'll keep you in the loop every step of the way.

Let's have a conversation where I'll answer your questions and we'll discuss what it is like being in a mastermind. It will be a pleasant chat! 

6-Month Deep Leadership Mastermind - $2000

For leaders ready to make deep change happen - this high-commitment, 2-hour mastermind is for folks who are on their leadership journey and looking for a process to transform their leadership outcomes. The goal is rapid and sustainable development of your leadership skills and abilities. Join this mastermind to get the board of advisors you always wished you had. Newer leaders welcome to apply. You don't have to go it alone and reinvent the wheel at every turn.

This mastermind is accepting applicants on a rolling basis and will be scheduled at a date/time that works for all members. If you're interested let's talk today - space is very limited.

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Want a unique community mastermind that's not currently scheduled? Let's talk about how I can help make the mastermind YOU want happen. 

Hear from some Mastermind Particiants
What's so great about masterminds?

Here's what some mastermind mates have to say about it:

Connecting with other leaders in roller derby, sharing broader perspectives, common challenges and potential solutions, and setting aside a regular time to speak about and work on my own leadership skills. - River, Charlottesville Derby Dames

It was honestly just great to talk to other derby people in a more in-depth way. It's so hard to do that in the brief time of a game/tournament. And I think it's so helpful to get other perspectives and be able to enjoy the camaraderie of roller derby in a different way. - Bonita, Gotham

I'm fortunate to have experienced being a member of several leagues due to moves, however, it is always nice to have it reiterated that there are several challenges that are simply in the nature of our sport set up and it is not "just us/our league." Having others who are experiencing and/or have experienced similar issues is comforting and the ability to provide perspective and insight from outside of the specific setting is invaluable, especially coming from people who already understand roller derby and its structures. - River Strong, Charlottesville Derby Dames

The best part has been intentionally looking at my own challenges, sharing them and having accountability and support in overcoming them. - Scar Trek, DC Rollergirls

It was great getting to connect with like-minded individuals. Roller derby leadership is hard! It's refreshing to know that many of us are not alone in our various day-to-day struggles to keep the league moving forward. I've received some great input on some of the obstacles I'm working to overcome within my league as well as provided some guidance to others who are struggling with something that I have already overcome. - Guillotine Grace - Dallas Derby Devils

I love having access to other captains from all experience levels who have insight and experience that offer unique solutions to problems.  - Doppelgänger- Wasatch roller derby

Meeting the other members and getting specific feedback on an issue I’m experiencing  - London, SO Derby

Being able to connect with so many other leaders from around the world. I’m very new to the role of captaining and it’s been incredibly inspiring to be a part of a forum that promotes creativity and brainstorms new ways of strengthening team culture. - Big Bang Fury (Home Team Captain), Rose City Rollers

Connecting with other leaders who have faced or are facing similar challenges -- knowing I'm not alone in my experience. - River Strong, Charlottesville Derby Dames

Masterminds give energy, encouragement, and accountability in a safe environment for breakthrough moments...  - Stephanie M.

I was surprised at how broad our small mastermind of five was -- we spanned three time zones and a broad range of league size and team structures and competitive levels. - River, Charlottesville Derby Dames

This is one of the most meaningful groups I’m a part of - you all mean so much to me - A.T.

I loved the collaborative environment with everyone bringing in personal experience - Abigail A.

Cool, but what will I get out of it?


I think so far I've learned how valuable it is to devote time and mental energy to becoming a better leader, to face challenges head-on and be intentional about overcoming them. - Scar Trek, DC Rollergirls

I think that these meetings have made me take a closer look at just how much of an impact a captain can have on their team and their team culture. I want to be someone who connects with my teammates in a playing capacity as well as in an emotional capacity and I think this mastermind of helping me develop those skills. - Big Bang Fury (Home Team Captain), Rose City Rollers

Having a shared space for resources and the ability to continue conversations through the Discord channel is something I was not anticipating. I'm very excited to be able to continue to access and confer with my mastermind team. - River, Charlottesville Derby Dames

I'm going to pay more attention to how I interact with folks - Amanda G.

More of a positive outlook and my role in this all - Jenny H.

Thinking more strategically about positive outcomes in communication - K.C.

Focusing on behavioral not personal conflict - Emma

What's it like working with Iggy?

Very approachable and transparent. Laid-back yet informative. - Sarah A. (Bricktator)

Friendly, yet assertive! Welcoming, yet challenging in the most interesting way possible! You always make me laugh! Thanks for that! - Amanda G.

Want to be a part of it? Let's talk about how a mastermind can help you learn, grow and crush it in your work, sport and life.