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Hey, course-creating coaches/trainers/speakers:
is your wisdom buried under out-of-date teaching methods?

You have useful knowledge to share with the world, and I can give you tools to get it to the people more quickly and effectively. 


The ONE THING you can do right now to make your courses/training more effective is to add a roadmap statement. It is the thing I most often find missing from what would otherwise be a great learning session.


The roadmap statement can be as short as one sentence at the beginning of your course. Adding it is a crucial step toward changing your listeners into learners and moving you from speaker to teacher. Listeners hear, learners grow and change. Speakers talk, teachers transform.


Download the Roadmap Statement Guide and take another step toward being an exceptional educator. This guide will show you how to instantly orient your learners so they can more easily absorb and use the wisdom you share with them. 

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Have you experienced any of these things?

  • People opt-in and/or pay for your course, then drop out?

  • People take your training and do not follow through, then blame you for their lack of results?

  • Your webinars feel stagnant because there is very little engagement and interaction?

  • You worry that going from live sessions to a pre-recorded format just doesn’t work for you?


If you want your expertise to have more impact, I can help you make that happen. 


You want:

  1. People to use what you offer them to transform their lives.

  2. Not to grind and overwork yourself while making this happen for others.


In short: you want to be an excellent educator who creates powerful outcomes for your learners. 


Excellent educators:

  • Orient their learners and prepare them for learning

  • Use experiential methodologies that mix lectures (even if they’re silly or fun) with high-quality activities that drive engagement and action.

  • Thoughtfully create learning experiences based on brain science that lead to transformation. 


Download the Roadmap Statement Guide and learn how to add this single statement to your sessions that will make it even easier for your learners to focus and learn.

The roadmap statement focuses your learners and gives them a structure, so they eagerly anticipate the next steps and are energized to take action. 


Download the Roadmap Statement Guide now.

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