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I want to support your podcast and talk with you about....

Leadership skills for your work, sport or life (or business or family or...)

Why people make crap decisions and how leaders can help them do better

Doing the right thing even when it's hard

Useful and practical wisdom for managing conflict

And so much more!


I'm Iggy Perillo and I want your listeners to learn, grow and be more awesome in their work, sport and/or life.


Reflecting on experience and applying that to the next thing is what keeps us alive and moving forward.

Let's talk about how to engage and inspire your listeners.

Here are my 5-star podcast guest reviews:
(This is actually all of my reviews on

I'll Help Promote Your Podcast Interview By...

  • Connecting with both our communities to ask what questions they would like answered during our interview
  • Amplifying your posts or snippets of our top takeaways from our conversation to my social media audience

Here are some ideas I'd love to share with your listeners:

I'm exploding with ideas! Let's talk!

I have a professional microphone because I know how important amazing sound quality is for podcasts.

Links you can share with your audience:

If you would like to have me on your show, please email me introducing yourself and including your scheduling link at

Thank you so much for your consideration and I'm looking forward to creating lively, energetic and useful content with you.

~Iggy Perillo

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