Useful Feedback for

Leaders who 





Get expert feedback to improve your power and effectiveness as leader who coaches, facilitates teaches or trains.

Do you wonder if you're doing a good job even though you get positive or positive-ish reviews?
Are you ready to take your practice to the next level of effectiveness but aren't sure how?

Find out what valuable feedback you aren't getting because clients are too polite, the office politics are weird or you work solo and don't have access to an unbiased perspective.

I'm Iggy. Hello! I have a master's degree in experiential education and over 20 years of experience cultivating excellent leaders who coach, facilitate, teach and train. Along the way I mastered the skill of giving useful actionable feedback to help coaches, facilitators teachers and trainers develop into experts in their practice.

I will give you honest feedback delivered in a way you can hear, process and put to use. My focus will be on your strengths to let you know where you shine so you can do more of it and also on your struggles giving you actionable steps to grow your skills and maximize your impact.

Get some feedback you can actually use to improve your practice. 
No more mushy and useless "good job, I liked it." More like: "your organization is difficult to follow and it looks like you lose your audience at x point - here are some scaffolding and logical flow techniques you can try" or "consider paying more attention to how your tone comes off when you talk about x - it seems like your client was surprised and wasn't able to track the next things you said. Here is a way you can use your emotion around x topic to convey meaning and not detract from it" or "you actually have amazing depth of knowledge but it seems to get lost in clichés. X  could be a better way to make your point."  

You'll get a document including:
- your strengths and how to maximize them
- areas/skills to improve and grow as skillful practitioner in your area
- ideas for how to take your practice to the next level

If you already record your coaching/facilitation/teaching/training sessions (maybe on zoom or skype?) send those in for a focused Audit of your skills.
Audit = $100 to audit a recording you have that is up to an hour long. You get expert feedback on your strengths, areas to improve and strategies for improvement.

If you don't record your work I can attend your session and give you detailed, useful feedback on your skills and your audience experience.

Work in some other way? Have a different related need? Think solid useful feedback would rocket you to the next level but you're not sure how to make it happen? Let's talk about how I can serve you and your growth.


I look forward to connecting with you and helping you shine as the excellent leader you were meant to be.