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Useful Feedback for Leaders who 
create courses

Pedagogy consultations, so your students actually learn from your wisdom.

Pedagogy? What's that?

Offering a course is a hot item these days. I've seen reams of products promoting course building as the answer for getting your expertise out into the world.

But have you found a course-building training offered by someone who has a background in education and not marketing?
I haven't.

Marketing expertise can help you get students to sign up for your course and for everything to look very inviting - but it won't help you deliver educational value to your students.

Marketing is not pedagogy.

The process, art and science of education is called pedagogy - that's my area of expertise.

I hold a master's degree in Experiential Education and have over 20 years of experience as an educator and trainer for other educators. My training, experience and expertise are in creating experiences where students effectively learn.

Let me help you make your course offering pedagogically sound so your students will not only write you rave reviews (like the marketing team wants), they'll learn, grow, change or transform because of your teaching.

How you teach/present/conduct your course is the key to learning for your students.

Learning is the value your students take away from your course.

Pedagogy is how you maximize student learning.

Let's talk about your pedagogy - how you teach your course - how you transfer knowledge and wisdom to your students.

After a consultation, you'll be able to make some simple (or more profound) adjustments to your teaching resulting in more learning (more value) for your students.

Consultations start at $50 for a 30-minute session.

60-minute consultations are also available for folks who sense they need more comprehensive attention to their pedagogy.

Email me, to discuss your situation and schedule your consultation.

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