Avoiding conflict

by ignoring it

feels like success!

But it's not.

Building solid relationships and a thriving team is real success.

Here's a workshop that will show you how to make that happen.

Ignoring or Avoiding Conflict means...


Toxic Culture Thrives

Trust decreases, creativity and teamwork evaporate. No on has fun or wants to be there. Teammates who can, flee.

Image by Nathan Dumlao

You won't get what you want

Your life shrinks to what feels safe and you prevent yourself from pursuing and attaining your goals.

Image by Anwaar Ali

Your relationships suffer

You're on the fast track to superficial, shallow and uninspired professional (and personal) relationships.

The Emotionally Intelligent
Conflict Management Workshop

gives you the insight and tools to use conflict to fuel stronger team relationships and reach your goals.

This 5-week workshop will take you from
hesitant (and maybe a little avoidant), to confident and collected the next time you encounter conflict (or those awkward conversations that might be a conflict).

Emotional Intelligence

is a way to navigate through interpersonal situations and

  • deal with conflict without causing a crisis

  • get your ideas heard and moving forward

  • a balance of skills and practice that have a positive impact on the people around you

If you want:

- visibility and recognition

- staff/teammate retention and motivation

- business growth

managing conflict using emotional intelligence is crucial.

This workshop will show you how to engage with conflict and meet your goals while creating a thriving team.

I'll come across as ever so slightly too aggressive and no one will like me.

Some reasons
avoid conflict:

If these sound like you, you're not alone!

This workshop gives you the practice to destroy these fears - I mean reasons.

I'll lose the fight and no one will ever respect me again.

Check out this demonstration recording
for a sneak peek 

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What attendees say
about this workshop

Image by AltumCode

Amanda G, Developer

Interesting learning: Personal values and how they tie into action! That's super wild to think about how our actions show what we REALLY value and how there can be a disconnect between action and self-perception.

High Fives

Sarah A, Team Leader

I had a lot of takeaways  - it gave names and explanations to things that I had general knowledge but took it to another level.

Image by Benjamin Child

Sam, Rising Crew Member

Highlights were the group and the education.

Workshop details:

During this workshop, you will learn to take action with authenticity and emotional intelligence the next time you engage with conflict. Using the tools will result in stronger relationships, thriving team culture and easier goal attainment.

The Emotionally Intelligent Conflict Management Workshop starts May 19th and ends June 16th.

There will be 5 sessions that are each 90-minutes long. We'll be meeting 1x a week on Thursdays from 9:00-10:30 AM PDT.

All the sessions will be live online (on Zoom) - show up ready to be on camera and mic so you can actively engage. 

When I say 'workshop' I mean you will be doing the work during the sessions. There will be in-class exercises and discussions involving your classmates. There will also be out-of-class homework to practice using the tools. Check out the curriculum and schedule details here.

I am committed to making this workshop financially accessible for people who are hungry for the content - particularly members of historically marginalized communities. If a different pricing structure or payment plan would allow you to attend, email me to start a conversation about how we can make this happen for you.
Hi, I'm Iggy.

I'm a leadership educator who is passionate about making the world a better place. In my 20+ years working with leaders, I noticed over and over that the most successful relied on authentically building trust to create invested teams and accomplish audacious goals. The most emotionally intelligent leaders were the most effective. So now I teach emotional intelligence based skills to leaders who cultivate thriving teams and make the world a better place. 

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