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Emotionally Intelligent Conflict Management Demonstration
FREE ACCESS to this video ends sometime soon - TBD!
It's still free right now though so snag it while you can.
Avoiding conflict creates toxic team culture.
Dealing with conflict poorly erodes trust.
Learn a better way at this demonstration.
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Image by Ambreen Hasan
Jumping Off the Plane
At this demonstration, I will show you how I teach clients to move through conflict in a way that helps everyone involved THRIVE.
We all know avoidance makes conflicts worse but we don't all know what to do about it to move forward productively without feeling aggressive. (Clients tell me this ALL THE TIME - you're not alone in this and you're not a meanie!)

This demonstration of emotionally intelligent conflict management skills will give you a head start to turn conflict into win-win situations. (Even if you're super-competitive and worry that every conflict is a win-lose situation - welcome to the land of win-win conflict.)

Take the lead in your life and on your team by approaching conflict with emotional intelligence. Don't let conflict, or avoiding conflict, limit your possibilities or contribute to leadership failure. (You will not last long as a leader if you ignore conflicts and awkward conflict-like situations.)

Learn about emotional intelligence and tools for using it to move through conflict in ways that build relationships at this free demonstration. I've seen it work for others and it can work for you.

The demonstration includes perspective and tools you can immediately put to use.
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