Mastermind School is in session.

Learn to lead your own mastermind.

Masterminds require intentional structure and skilled facilitation to be transformational.
I'm an educator who has been leading masterminds for years - I can teach you the mastermind structure and train you in those facilitation skills.
Mastermind School is a one-on-one custom training that starts with your abilities and gives you tools to lead excellent masterminds that are effective and authentic to you. 
When your authenticity comes through, your masterminds will resonate with your participants. And your participants will change the world.
There are probably tons of books/articles/podcasts/videos/workshops about how to lead a mastermind but none of them start with your unique and authentic voice at the center.
Mastermind School starts with you.
You'll get an intimate understanding of mastermind structure, the skills to facilitate a mastermind that is true to you and the confidence to make it happen.
There are no pre-recorded sessions or pre-made worksheets. Everything is customized to you - we will start where you are.
Contact me (Iggy) today to discuss what Mastermind School would look like for you.
Or hit this button to schedule a Zoom/phone conversation:
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