Fearless Leadership Skills
Masterclass Series

Are you hesitating to take on a leadership role? Do you worry about what will happen when the opportunity comes your way? (Or have you already felt like you're stumbling along as a leader?) Have you seen those so-called "natural born leaders" out there and thought, I'm just not like that....

This masterclass series is for you.

We will take your leadership from:

fearful to skillful

hesitant to confident

restive to authentically active

There is no time like the present to build your emotionally intelligent leadership skills to be a positive force for change in the world. The awkward, uncomfortable time of watching problems develop and waiting for someone to step up is over. This masterclass will give you the skills to make a positive leadership impact on the people around you and the confidence to use them when things get messy and complex. Be ready to step forward in your authentic leadership style when leadership is needed in your work, sport and life.


In this masterclass you will:

- Identify your core values and use them to more easily make excellent decisions

- Learn to maximize your leadership style and strengths

- Practice the miracle skill of validating people around you (and learn why I call it a miracle skill)

- Gain skills to give feedback that works to shape behavior

- Get ready to resolve conflicts and facilitate messy conversations

- And more!


Each participant will get personalized attention and feedback to grow their skills and prepare to use them in their unique life circumstances in this very small (10 people or fewer) cohort masterclass. The class will be active and experiential you’ll have skill practice homework after each class.


The atmosphere will be collegial, fun and supportive - it will be a psychologically safe and affirming brave space to grow while learning these nuanced skills. 

If you’ve been looking to others and hoping they’d step up to fill a leadership gap or if you're moderately (or severely) disappointed with leaders around you, this is a chance to build your skills and confidence as an emotionally intelligent leader (regardless of the role you have on your team).


When convoluted, uncomfortable leadership situations arise (and they will) this masterclass will give you the tools to take action and respond with confidence to bring people together and make positive change happen.


Five masterclass sessions, 90-minutes each, conducted live online. 


Price: $500

(Want to pay over 5 months in installments of $100 each with no interest? No problem - email Iggy+Payment@wslleadership.com with Payment Plan in the subject and we'll set you up ASAP. Your spot is reserved when you make your first payment.)

All Masterclasses are from 2:00 to 3:30 PM Pacific time zone (5:00-6:30 PM Eastern)

Class 1: May 6

Class 2: May 13

Class 3: May 20

Class 4: May 27

Class 5: June 3

Got questions? Email Iggy (address in footer).